Revival Rain


Book title : Revival Rain
Subtitle : “Ask the Lord for rain in the time of the latter rain…” Zechariah 10:1
Additional text: The faith building 40-day devotional.
Author : W. Samuel Sandeman

Revival is: God coming near - The Church coming alive - The Lost coming to Christ.

Additional text:
This 40-day devotional is in response to a growing global prophetic stirring that revival is coming. There are signs of revival all around us and many believe this time it will be global. It is time to prepare the soil of our hearts and be correctly aligned with God’s end-time plan for global harvest. This devotional is designed to inspire you to start praying for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit in these days and to cultivate in you a desire for revival to come to your own heart as well as your community. You and your community will not be the same after these 40 days. Let’s ask the Lord for rain for He has promised flashing clouds, showers of rain and harvest for everyone (Zach 10:1).

ISBN barcode: 978-0-6397-0695-5
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Wayne & Trish have been living a God adventure for almost 20 years now. They both responded to a call to ministry by signing up as missionaries to reach and disciple university students. They pioneered a church plant on a university in Durban and have since had the privilege of seeing God touch, heal and raise up a generation of world changers. They now have two teenage sons and currently lead a multicultural urban church in the heart of Durban. Their mission is to REACH the lost, make DISCIPLES and IMPACT their city with the love of God.